Reel News

May 2018 Reel News

                          The May 2018 edition of the Reel News has been published and hard copies are on their way to ORCA members around the world. This is the 2018 Convention issue with details in the blue centre spread. In the President’s Message, David

March 2018 Reel News

Excerpt from the President’s Message: … This year’s convention, running from June 20 to 23, in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is shaping up to be a good one in which we are offering new events and opportunities catering to first-time attendees. Let’s start with the location. Harpers Ferry, at the confluence of the Potomac and

January 2018 Reel News!

        The January 2018 edition of The Reel News is on the way to ORCA members around the world! In this issue, ORCA President David Lehmann discusses ORCA’s expanded and streamlined online resources, recognizing a number of our past reel research contributors. Read about new ORCA member Emmett Babler – collector, historian

2018 ORCA Annual Convention & Show

  June 20-23, 2018 – Reelin’ on the River – ORCA Annual Convention & Show Clarion Inn, Harpers Ferry, WV  ORCA National Convention 2018 Registration Form Reelin’ on the River! The 2018 ORCA National Convention will be held at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and run from Wednesday evening, June 20, through Saturday afternoon, June 23.

November 2017 Edition of The Reel News

          The November 2017 REEL NEWS has been published and has something for everyone! This edition’s front cover features an amazing Bradley reel bearing a historic inscription. The Reel News has a fascinating story to go with, entitled “Never say Never”. ORCA President David Lehmann recognizes the extraordinary efforts of our

September 2017 Issue of the Reel News

              The September 2017 REEL NEWS has been published and is in the process of being printed and mailed (or e-mailed) to ORCA members. The Reel News Editor, Richard Lodge and ORCA President David Lehmann, each makes his case that the National Convention at Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO

July 2017 Issue of the Reel News

The July 2017 REEL NEWS has been published and is in the process of being printed and mailed (or e-mailed) to ORCA members. ORCA’s new President, David Lehmann pens his first Presidential message. Fond tributes were published about the late Dennis McNulty and Honorary Member Albert Munger. Articles on reels in this edition cover a

May 2017 Issue of the Reel News

The May 2017 edition of the ORCA Reel News is being delivered to ORCA members right now and it contains a registration form for our Annual National Convention being held Sept 6-10, 2017 in Branson, MO at the Chateau on the Lake. Don’t delay! Join The Old Reel Collectors Association now and register to join

March 2017 Issue of The Reel News

This issue is one of our biggest at 68 pages.  It features the Marhoff reels, the first “-Henry” reel, the Hypnarowski clear Plexiglas reels (pictured on the cover), Akron Reel Company, Meisselbach ‘Go-Withs’, a riveting story of the acquisition of a lifetime for Jim Schottenham whose good fortune landed a coveted Morgan James reel and