Jim's Reel Wowsers!

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March brought out some great reels on Ebay, such as:

I guess even dried paint can't tarnish the desirability factor of a perforated Julius Vom Hofe fly reel. This example, though listed with dents and dings and the aforementioned paint, still brought $1,560.00. It was a rare nickel finish under that paint.

A Hardy Bougle, once belonging to Canadian Olympic star Percy Williams was listed, coming from the Gradville Island Sportfishing Museum collection. In fantastic shape, it reached $5,200.00, after nearly 1000 views on Ebay.

A sweet looking little 2 inch Mills Fairy reel, all had rubber and with squared pillars, brought $1,328.30

One seller listed and sold two Gayle Kentucky style casting reels. The first, a top hat style size #3 in German silver, landed him $2,000.00 after eleven bids. It was listed as having a name inscription, and was in great condition

The other Gayle reel, a #4 size in aluminum, also a top hat style, fetched $2,375.00.It was also in fantastic, unpolished condition.

Finally, a Montgomery Ward & Co. Hawthorne reel, complete with vinyl case reached $612.11. Another reel, just like this one, sold earlier in the month for a "Buy It Now" price of just $275.00. Who says deals can't be found on Ebay!?!?!

See you in Dowagiac!