A Collector’s Guide to Bache Brown and Airex/Lionel Fishing Tackle

A Collector’s Guide to Bache Brown and Airex/Lionel Fishing Tackle


Contains detailed analysis of ALL Bache Brown, Airex Corp., Airex/Lionel, and Feurer Bros./Airex reels. The book is divided into four sections–Part I (History), Part II (Airex Year-By-Year), and Part 3 (Quick Guide to Airex Tackle), and Part IV (Appendices). Includes detailed analysis of reels, lures, fishing line, fishing rods, nets, bobbers, and misc. tackle sold under the Airex name. This book works as a collector’s tackle guide as well as a chronicle of the history of spin fishing in America. It is a MUST for anyone collecting Airex/Lionel, spinning reels, spinning lures, and any post-WWII fishing tackle!


For the first time ever, noted Airex collector Bob Halver has amassed a treasure trove of information on Bache Brown, Airex, and Feurer Bros. fishing tackle. In this highly detailed book, the history of Airex is outlined from its origins with Bache H. Brown (the father of spinfishing in America) to the golden years as a subsidiary of the famed Lionel Corporation to its final days under the Feurer Brothers. All models of Airex reels, lures, rods, and misc. tackle are covered, including rare and one-of-a-kind items. This comprehensive book is a must for any reel, lure, or tackle collector! 

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