The History of the Fishing Reel The Best of The Reel News 1991-2015 (Soft Cover)

The History of the Fishing Reel The Best of The Reel News 1991-2015 (Soft Cover)


Soft Cover

Complete Index to All Reel News Articles • Approximately 150 articles reprinted in their original form from the Reel News • Annotated and Edited by ORCA Honorary Life Member Dr. Todd E.A. Larson • Includes Appreciations by ORCA Founder Michael Nogay and Current President Dr. John H. Elder 


The Old Reel Collector’s Association (ORCA) was founded by Michael Nogay in 1991. In the ensuing 25 years, ORCA has done more to document the history of fishing reels and their makers than any other organization on earth. This compendium includes approximately 150 articles written by ORCA members and published in The Reel News, the official publication of ORCA. It is dvided into eleven sections covering everything from baitcasting, spinning, fly, saltwater, and spincast reels to primary documents, reel history, and miscellaneous information. Taken as a whole, this book represents a graduate course in fishing reel history, as well as a must have for any serious collector or dealer of vintage fishing tackle. The book is edited and annotated by Todd E.A. Larson, and has appreciations by founder Michael Nogay and current ORCA president John H. Elder.

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