The Reel News 1999

The Reel News 1999


Spring 1999 $6.00
Summer 1999 $6.00
Fall 1999 $6.00
Winter 1999 $6.00
New Years 1999 $6.00
Bundle Volume IX: All 5 issues for the year 1999 $24.00


Spring 1999
South Bend Casting Reels, More on Rochester Reels, Restoration & Repair – part 2, The Meisselbach Tripart, Reel Display Cabinets, Reel Collecting for the Birds, History of the Pflueger Summit, Lang’s Auction, all our regular columnists, and more. 32 pages.

Summer 1999
E.A. Pflueger Reels, The Gulf Reel Company, The Carlton Decendants, H. J. Frost & Co in 1920, The Huffman Attachment, Hardy Book Review, Jug Fishing, Stu Lawson, Richard Lodge, Bob Miller, and lots of great stuff. 28 pages.

Fall 1999
The ORCA Show, The Reels of L.W. Holmes, The AR-BE Brake Reel, Henry Manning’s Fish Line Reel Holder, ORCA Special Interest Groups, The NFLCC National, and all our regular columnists. 28 pages.

Winter 1999/strong>
Pflueger Templar & Atlapac reels; Horton Mfg. Co. part 1; Worden Belly Reel; Pliny’s Last Reel; Is the Internet Wrecking Tackle Shows? and all the other good stuff from our regular columnists.

New Years 1999/strong>
This special issue features articles from the first 10 years of the ORCA Newsletter.

Bundle Volume IX All 5 issues for the year 1999

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