The Reel News 2001

The Reel News 2001


March 2001 $7.00
May 2001 $7.00
August 2001 $7.00
October 2001 $7.00
Bundle Volume XI: All 4 issues for the year 2001 $25.00


March 2001
James A. Henshall, Pflueger trolling reels, Dopper Spinning Reel, Ball on Ball reel, Doc Herr, Reel Collectors are nice people, Daytona Beach Show & SB Auction, and all the columns.

May 2001
The Willoughby Reel, Dating Mitchell Reels, Phantom Pflueger found, Kona Marlin on Antique Tackle, Where are the younger collectors, and lots more.

August 2001
So you want to collect old reels?, Lang’s Auction, US Patent Office on line, Meisselbach-Catucci Symploreel fly reels, John Elder’s Wooden Reel, and more.

October 2001
The ORCA Convention, Spinning Reels of Edward Small, Heddon 3-15, Mitchell Gold, Pflueger Kentucky Style Reels, Surf Reels, Embossed brass reel, Reel News Index..

Bundle Volume XI All 4 issues for the year 2001

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