The Reel News 2003

The Reel News 2003


January 2003 $7.00
March 2003 $7.00
May 2003 $7.00
July 2003 $7.00
September 2003 $7.00
November 2003 $7.00
Bundle Volume XIII: All 6 issues for the year 2003 $30.00


January 2003
Windshield-Wiper Levelwinds, Bache Hamilton Brown, More on Eppinger Notangle Reels, Vintage Fishing Reels of Sweden, Pflueger Pfacts (Automatic reels II), Ranger Reels, Jim Schottenham’s Birdcage Reel, Penn Coronado, A.F. Meisselbach & Bro., Pflueger Akron Exploded drawing, Langs Auction Reports, and a whole bunch more.

March 2003
Big Game Reels of George Garey, Benson Rod & Reel Combinations, How Will You Transfer Your Reel Business? Pflueger Top Ten, Bottom Feeding, Spinning Reel Review, Meisselbach’s Big T, Shakespeare Repairs, Auction Report, Membership Roster, and lots more.

May 2003
The Reel Deal, Annie Oakley and the Nevermiss Reel, Wide Spool Tournament Reels, Pflueger Pfacts (Pflueger Nobby), Cataloguing Early Pflueger Medalists, Inexpensive Indiana Reel Spools, Spinning Lines (Shakespeare II Series), and a ton more!

July 2003
ORCA National Convention, Dowagiac 2003, Collecting Counter-Balanced Handled Reels, Hermos Reels, Pflueger Pfacts (Spinning Reels, Part I), Who Says Collecting Old Reels is Expensive?, Automatic Reels, Kirk Ewart’s Brass Trolling Reel, A.F. Meisselbach & Bro. (Meisselbach-Catucci Reels), and oodles more!

September 2003
The Wooden Meisselbach Good Luck Reel, Elmer Larson’s Shasta Fly Reel, Langley Plugcast, Pflueger Pfacts (Pflueger Quadruples), “Record Player” reel, Magnetic Brakes, Phil white’s Pivoting Spinning Reel, How to Identify an Old Reel, Exploded Drawings Pflueger Free Flite No. 1200, Review on “Warman’s Fishing Lures Field Guide”, Review on “Collectible Fishing Reels”, and so much more!.

November 2003
Reel Materials & Finishes, Reflections from the daughter of a Shakespeare Salesman, Rogue Reels of Oregon, Pflueger Pfacts (Post WWII Saltwater Reels), Thunderbird Casting Reel, John Elder’s Flip Reel, Spinning Lines (Pickup Finger or Half Bail?), Updates on Mother of all Auctions and Allentown. Plus many other articles!

Bundle Volume XIII All 6 issues for the year 2003

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