The Reel News 2005

The Reel News 2005


January 2005 $7.50
March 2005 $7.50
May 2005 $7.50
July 2005 $7.50
September 2005 $7.50
November 2005 $7.50
Bundle Volume XV: All 6 issues for the year 2005 $35.00


January 2005
The Ocean City Fortescue, Indiana Reel Spools, Star Drag Revisited, Lew Childre, Penn Archives, Short Lived Pre-WWII Enterprise Reels, Penn Spincaster, Allentown Show, South Bend Presentation Boxes, Zebco Cardinal 3s, Quick Champion Repairs, plus book reviews, letters and more.

March 2005
Colgrove Spinning Reel, United States Reels, Langley Lurecast and Target baitcasters, Left Hand Enterprise Reels, Pflueger Fly Reel Notes, Rarest Cardinal Reels, Langley Reel service, plus Membership Roster and lots more.

May 2005
Briggs Reel Company, Rod that “Talked to me”, Meisselbach Zephyr, Gear Box Control Langley Baitcasters, All American Lathe, Small Pfluegers, Great Deally Reel, Mitchell Reels at auction, Lash Master Reel repair, and lots more.

July 2005
2005 ORCA Convention in Texas, Serialized Pfluegers, South Bend Fly Reels, Pflueger FasKast repairs, Ocean City Baitcasters, Coit Electric Reel, A Pair of Rare Spinning Reels, plus lots more.

September 2005
Meisselbach First Model Automatic, Pikies and Uncle Toms, Pflueger Seminole, South Bend Fly Reels II, Garcia Ambassadeur 1750 repairs, ORCA at ICAST, Early Record Spinning Reels, and more.

November 2005
Meisselbach First Automatic II, eBay is Fraught with Peril, Ahead of the Curve, Anti-Back-Lash lawsuit, Origins of Closed-Face Spinning Reel, Trade Reels of Janney, Semple, Hill & Co, Shakespeare Reel Colors, Shakespeare Wondercast repair, and much more.

Bundle Volume XV All 6 issues for the year 2005

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