The Reel News 2014

The Reel News 2014


January 2014 $7.50
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May 2014 $7.50
July 2014 $7.50
September 2014 $7.50
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Bundle Volume XXIV: All 6 issues for the year 2014 $40.00

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January 2014
A Reel Edsel by Phil White
Thompson: A Superior Fly Reel that Jut Couldn’t Compete by Dennis Buranek
The Manual Line Pickup by Ben Wright; The Auction Report by Jim Schottenham
The Hot Rod Reels of Mad Man Kirk by Todd Larson
Penn Anniversary Reels by Michael Cacioppo
My Favorite Reel: The Thumzy

March 2014
The Many Faces of the Pre-War Penn Long Beach by Michael Cacioppo
Odd, Unusual and Unique Auto Line Picks by Ben Wright
Tenacity, Networking and Some Luck by Dick Braun
Copies, fakes and Who-Made-Me Reels by Butch Carey
Catfish Prowl at Night by Bob Miller
Tournament Cast Reels of A.C. Kellogg by Todd Larson
The Watsons and Ouztes: Thumb Reel Makers by Bill Stuart

May 2014
Leonard da Vinci’s Reel Failure by Steve Vernon
The Legend of Olin Murray’s Sweatin’ Rock by Bob Miller
Emmett B. Perrine and the Great automatic Fly Reel Wars of the 1930’s by Todd Larson
Tackle Company Research by Colby Sorrellls
Penn Light Tackle Casting Reels of the pre-World War II Era by Michael Cacioppo
The Internal Bail Trip vs. the External by Ben Wright

July 2014
The Reels of James Haywood, Maker by Richard Lodge
Guidelines for Restoring Antique Fishing Reels by ORCA
The Sportech Classic 1V and the American Classic 1V by Ben Wright
Fishing Reels of Miami’s Tasco Co. by Todd Larson
Make it Simple, Make it Work – The Penn Formula for Success by Mike Cacioppo
The Brush Creek Hex by Bob Miller
Correctly Identifying the Trio Reels by Sergio Di Marco
Larry Plat’s Unusual (One off?) Reel

September 2014
More Reels of James Haywood, Maker by Richard Lodge
Seaway Import Company Trade Reels by Todd Larson
My First Ultra-lite Spinning Reel by Ben Wright
The Faraway Kingdom of Monroe Owens by Bob Miller
In Search of A.J. Stead by John Elder

November 2014
A Jack Welch Story by Warren Platt
The Fishing Reels of Bostwick-Braun of Toledo, Ohio by Todd Larson
Robert H. Bartells, a Newly Discovered Kentucky Reelmaker by Steve Vernon and Mike Murphy
Another New Ultra-Lite from ABU Garcia by Ben Wright
AYR Fly Reels, a Nod to Past Designs by Richard Lodge

Bundle Volume XXIV: All 6 issues for the year 2014

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