The Reel News 2020

The Reel News 2020

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Volume XXX: All 6 issues for the year 2020, $7.50 Each, $40.00 for the Year


January – Buster Brown Fishing Reels by Todd Larson; James Golcher, Reel Manufacturer by Steve Vernon; Business Consolidation: Abbey & Imbrie by Roger Schulz; Taking a Chance: Tem-Waco by Colby Sorrells; Primo, Castey and Murad the Mystery Man by Colby Sorrells and Alan Baracco; A Beer Can with a Hole in Both Ends – Zebco History.


March – Matthias Horst, an early Brooklyn Reelmaker by Steve Vernon; A Reel I wish I could A.E. Ford by Eric Jeska; Milam vs. Meek in 1901 by Todd Larson; Plino Catucci, Engineer and Inventor by Roger Schulz, ORCA Directory, Financial Report.


May – The Mystery of those Little Handles by Colby Sorrells; Frederick Malleson and his Multiplying Fly Reel by Ron Gast; Compensating Pivot Scree Reels – Abbely and Imbrie, NY – Julius Vom Hofe Patents 1882 and 1889 by Roger Schulz; Fishing Reels are Interesting by Willis Logan; ORCA’s Digital Strategy Update by Matt Wickham; Whatever Happened to Meisselbach? By Todd Larson.


July – History of the Ashaway Line and Twine Co. by Bruce Boyden; Rare, Marked Clark Brothers Fishing Reel by Roger Schulz; The Redifor Umbrella by Steve Vernon; The Unlikely Success of Penn Reels by Todd Larson; Walter Durfee Coggeshall by Graham Turner; The Marryat Experience by Russell Christianson.


September – Unearthing the Plastic Worm by Steve Vernon; The Rainbow – Meisselbach’s Longest Selling Reel by Roger Schulz; Quality Control by Butch Carey; The L.W. Holmes Big Game Reel – An Update by Todd Larson; Canadian Reel entrepreneurs – Heard and Wilson by Paul Manuel and Ken Kerr; What’s a Cycloid Anyway? By Colby Sorrells.


November – H. Warren Denison of Johnson Reels by Todd Larson; ORCA’s Digital Presence by Matt Wickham; Julius Vom Hofe’s President Reel, December 20, 1892 Patent by Roger Schulz; J.A. Coxe and the Thrill of the Reel Hunt by Willis Logan; American Fly Reels by Andrews (Reprinted from The Reel News, Fall 1997.