May 2018 Reel News


The May 2018 edition of the Reel News has been published and hard copies are on their way to ORCA members around the world. This is the 2018 Convention issue with details in the blue centre spread. In the President’s Message, David Lehmann discusses how each ORCA member is a vital part of our club, why ORCA membership is a great value and how members can help sustain the enjoyment and knowledge that ORCA delivers. Reel News Editor Richard Lodge summarizes the Annual Convention and reminds us all that it is a laid-back affair, “…a time to socialize, get to know your fellow collectors, maybe buy, sell and trade a few reels, and take home a boatload of good memories…”. There is still time to register!

Articles include “Al Loss, Tournament Reel Collector” by Dr. Todd E. A. Larson, “In search of the Grignon Icthyphone – ‘La role moderne’” by Paul Manuel, “Putting the Puzzle Together, Carlton, Rochester, Meisselbach, Sturdibilt, Frost and Ocean City” by Roger Shultz, “A Prussian count, an American boy and a fishing outfit” by Jerry Girard, “On the Auction Block” by Richard Lodge, and so much more. These articles plus the amazing pictures of old reels that are the subject of these articles make this a great edition.

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Paul Manuel