What is ORCA

What is ORCA


The Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc., (ORCA) is a non profit, educational organization of fishing reel collectors from around the world. We are  joined by our interests in antique and collectible fishing tackle and the history of sport fishing. We collect the very earliest fishing reels made, to modern and everything between!

If you are interested in reels or the history of sport fishing, join today. The dues are modest and benefits immense. Here is a peak at just some of the benefits of ORCA membership:

  • The Reel News. The preeminent bi-monthly magazine about fishing reels & their inventors, manufactures and vendors. You also have access to the hundred of articles that have been published in the past. Download the Comprehensive Bibliography of all the Reel News Articles here.
  • The ORCA Library. There are thousands of catalog copies, articles and literature available to members at cost. See the Library page for more information.
  • ORCA Membership Roster. A directory of ORCA members, listed alphabetically, by state or country residence, and by collecting interests is published annually and distributed to members.
  • Regional & National Shows. Shows are the best place to see and acquire antique and collectible fishing reels and tackle! You could scan auction catalogs and online auctions for years to see what is typically displayed at our shows. Exclusive early access comes with membership
  • Honorary Membership Program. This program honors persons deemed to have made a major contribution in the field of fishing reel collecting or history. To learn about ORCA Honorary Members click here.

 Click on the link to view ORCA’s informational brochure. Trifold Brochure