Ocean City Reel Photos

Ocean City Reel Photos

This site is maintained by the Old Reel Collectors Association (ORCA) through donations to a special fund by
many of its members in tribute to the late Robert Paul Ellis, who developed this and other sites dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of old fishing reels.

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  This is a collective Ocean City (or as OC) reel site where all can get information on their OC reels,  or their OC trade reels.  First published on 12-28-12. Most information within is taken from old catalogs and ads so dates and descriptions are made to the best of our knowledge.

Robert Ellis was a very active member of ORCA and a member of the NFLCC. He passed away October 2013 and will be missed by all of us. He was a friend to many and a truly enjoyed this reel collecting hobby immensely.  We all rely on help from other collectors to help out with these websites,  so all of us can learn. 

Ocean City Reel schematics can be found here: Reel Schematics


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