Ocean City Freshwater Casting Reels – Pg 3 – No. 1581 to No. 2000

Ocean City Freshwater Casting Reels – Pg 3 – No. 1581 to No. 2000

Ocean City No.1581 Reel

The No.1581 was a very successful reel for Ocean City and they sold a lot of them. It came out in 1949 as one of the most inexpensive bait casting reels being sold by the company. It lasted for about 20 years in the Ocean City/True Temper Line up and can be found in many colors. To help aid in what year your reel possibly could be : First in 1949 to 1952 it would be Black or Brown with a cork arbor. Then the color changes to copper metallic in 1953 to 1955 still with cork arbor. In 1956 it was still copper metallic but now had a white plastic arbor and that was the same in 1957. 1958 is the last OC catalog we have and now the reel is Tan with white plastic arbor and I assume that lasted for several years since the 1581 Tan reel is a common color to find. The 1966 True Temper catalog still has the 1581 available but now the reel is Green (some with side plates 2 shades of green on front and back)  with a different handle and a white plastic smoothcast control on the rear plate. I’m sure more variations exist but that should help you determine pretty close to what you have.   Ad is from a 1948 Ocean City catalog. click on the pics to enlarge.



Ocean City No.1591 Reel

Less expensive reels,  many were made,  both Ocean City named reels and many trade reels for other retailers.  Ad is from a 1948 Ocean City catalog.

Ocean City No.1600 and the No.1600 Mod.B and a Mod. C Reels

Two versions,  first version is a No.1600 all aluminum with a large arbor,  which normally means it to be a tournament reel.  Next is a No.1600 B a green painted aluminum sided reel,  paperwork says that when you order a side plate to specify what color?  So there are more 1600 B’s out there in different colors. Polished version aluminum reel pictures are courtesy of Rick Heitman. The No.1600B pictures are courtesy of Allen Pluck, of England.
  All metal construction light coat of chrome,  with the plastic spool tension cap.
Reel donated by Richard Thomann.
  Chrome reel,  white marbled crank knobs,  spool tension knob on the tail plate.  Large size spool arbor line saver.  Ad is from a 1948 Ocean City catalog.  Pictures are courtesy of Jonathan Kring.
These are 24K gold plated brass and when in good condition they look great,  but after being used and the plating starts showing wear they don’t look that nice anymore. They were not a prize or promotion item like many people have thought. They came out in 1956 and were cataloged for only 2 years – 56′-57′. Not a scarce reel but new in the box are hard to find and a great addition to your Ocean City reel collection. You could also buy this as a trade reel from Western Auto Supply and they were called the “Revalation”.
  Reel has a narrow spool and has a anodized brown finish with orange colored crank knobs.  These do not appear very often.  Notice the large spool arbor in the pictures below,  these were designed for tournament casting!
Pictures below show the break down of the brown anodized version,  weight is 4.4 oz. dry, also showing the main drive gear is hollowed out to save on weight. This practice will save up to 0.3 oz. of not needed weight.
Ad picture and description are from a 1950 OC catalog!  Aluminum version is courtesy of Jeff Johnson.
The No.1850 has a standard size spool,  yet it has a large abor,  these were designed for tournament casting.
  First ad is from a 1948 OC catalog,  this was when we believe that these were introduced? Next ad is from a 1950 OC catalog,  reels price was much higher than most others of its type.  You do not see these often,  very high quaility for OC.  Notice the large arbor,  designed for tournament casting.
Pictures are courtesy of Jeff Johnson. This model also came in a wide spool , 1950W and a narrow spool 1950N.
  Common OC design,  has a tag instead of the reel itself marked,  may have been cheaper for OC to make the tags rather than stamp the reels,  also could have been easy to tag a reel if many were already made,  or to switch out a tag if an order were cancelled?
  These would be considered a tournament reel,  being made of aluminum and having the large spool arbor.  These pictures are all of the same reel.  The LW was removed from the reel when Charlie found it, probably to lighten up the reel for competition. he got very lucky and a friend of his had the LW parts plus a shorter crank handle, which would be another sign of a tournament casting reel.  Pictures are courtesy of Charlie Gano. Ad picture and description are courtesy of Jeff Johnson.
  Reel is mostly made of aluminum,  tear drop shaped,  they came in two different versions.  First ad is cropped from a 1948 Ocean City catalog.  Next ad is from a 1950 OC catalog.  Has the large spool arbor designed for tournament casting.  Pictures are courtesy of Rick Heitman and Jeff Johnson.