The Reel News

The Reel News


The Official Magazine and Newsletter of the Old Reel Collectors Association, The Reel News, is published six times a year in the odd months by editor, Richard Lodge. ORCA Members may view past issues online in PDF format in the Members Only Area.

Members and the public may view the Comprehensive Bibliography of The Reel News Articles from 1991 to the present. This Index has full search capabilities for article names, as well as sorting of each index item.

Currently running 36 pages in length, The Reel News includes articles about types of reels, reelmakers, or other information of historic value. ORCA depends on member research and contributions for these articles. As of 2022, the printed edition is in full color, and many online issues are now available in full color.

THE REEL NEWS features many outstanding regular columnists and writers. Dr. Todd Larson, Steve Vernon, Roger Schulz, John Elder and many other ORCA members add their expertise to The Reel News.

The Reel News also features member’s letters, Book Reviews of interest to reel collecting and auction reports, highlighting rare and unusual reels sold at auctions around the globe..

We hope to give you the information you want…from Ambassadeur casting reels to Zwarg fly reels…from the 19th century giant Tarpon reels to those little clamp-on fly reels, we try to cover it all in The Reel News.

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