Reel News

Reel News

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The Newsletter of the Old Reel Collectors Association, THE REEL NEWS, is published six times a year in the odd months by editor, Richard Lodge. A Roster of ORCA members, their email addresses and collecting interests is also supplied with the March “ORCA Annual”.

Currently running 32 – 36 pages in length (the Annual Issue is 48-52 pages long), THE REEL NEWS usually contains specific articles about types of reels, makers, or other information of historic value. ORCA depends on member contributions for these articles.

THE REEL NEWS features many outstanding regular columnists and writers. Bob Miller, Dr. Todd Larson, Steve Vernon, John Elder and many other ORCA members add their expertise to the Reel News.

THE REEL NEWS also features member’s letters, Book Reviews of interest to reel collecting, notes from Recent Shows & Auctions, a Collector’s Calendar schedule of upcoming shows and auctions, and each issue presents a manufacturer’s exploded drawing of a popular reel model.

We hope to give you the information you want…from Ambassadeur casting reels to Zwarg fly reels…from the 19th century giant Tarpon reels to those little clamp-on fly reels, we try to cover it all in THE REEL NEWS.

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