About ORCA

About ORCA

ORCA is The Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc., which is a non-profit, educational corporation. We are a loose knit group of fishing reel collectors who are joined by our interest in old fishing reels and their history. As our Constitution and By Laws say:

“The purpose of the Old Reel Collector’s Association, Inc. is education through the collection and distribution of historical and technical data regarding fishing reels, their development and their inventors and manufacturers from the earliest times through the present day. In order to enhance the knowledge of these subjects, the collection and preservation of examples of post production reels is to be encouraged for the benefit of present and future generations…”

What is ORCA? Here is an explanation of our organization, what we offer, and how you might benefit by joining.

ORCA’s History The Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc. was founded in 1990. Read all about the history and progress of our group.

ORCA Officers and Directors Here is the information on how we elect our Officers and Directors, and who is currently serving.

ORCA Constitution and By Laws The complete Constitution and By Laws of the Old Reel Collectors Association is on this page.

ORCA Honorary Members This is a program that honors any person deemed to have made a major contribution in the field of fishing reel collecting or history.

ORCA Strategic Plan (2017-2019) Summarizing what ORCA wants to accomplish over the next few years.

ORCA Brochure Handy pamphlet sized brochure, explaining more about ORCA and offering membership. Join via mail.