ORCA Officers

ORCA Officers

The Old Reel Collectors Association elects Officers every odd year, and Directors on the even years. Nominations for office must be made by December 31 of the year preceding the election. The elections are held by mail-in ballot, which is included in the Spring issue of the Reel News. The ballots must be postmarked by April 15. The current ORCA leaders are:

President: Ronald Gast, Florida (July 1, 2019)
Vice-President: Matt Wickham, Kentucky (July 1, 2019)
Secretary-Treasurer: Roger Schulz, Georgia
Editor: Richard Lodge, Massachusetts

Don Kleier, Kentucky 
Henry Caldwell, New York
Bryce Tawney, Texas
John Elder, California

Past ORCA Officers & Directors

These members volunteered and were voted into positions by the membership to lead ORCA and are therefore recognized here for their past contributions.

President/Vice President: Michael Nogay 1991-1992 (ORCA’s Founder)
Tom Harwood/Ed Corwin 1992-1994
Tom Harwood/Bruce Wilson 1994-1996
Ed Corwin/George Steuver 1996-1997
Steve Lumpkin/Ben Wright 1997-2001
Ben Wright/Dennis Roberts-Len Sawisch 2001-2002
Len Sawisch/Bill Muth 2002-2003
Andy Foster/Bill Muth 2003-2007
Jim Schottenham/Bill Muth 2007-2011
John Elder/Bill Muth 2011-2015
Betty Barr/Dick Braun 2015-2017
David Lehmann/Paul Manuel 2017-2019
Secretary-Treasurer: Michael Nogay 1991-1995
Arne Soland 1995-1997
Roger Schulz 1997-present

Michael Nogay 1991-1992
Ed Corwin 1992-1995
Bruce Wilson 1995
Phil White 1996-2005
Richard Lodge 2005-present


Steve Vernon 1996-2003
Fred Kerr 1996
Doc Herr 1996-2000
Ed Corwin 1997-2000
Andy Foster 2000-2003
Steve Lumpkin 2001-2003
Len Sawisch 2003-2006
Jim Madden 2003-2007
Jim Schottenham 2003-2007
Lorraine Lawrence 2007-2010
Brian Funai 2010-2014
Jim Schottenham 2011-2014
Bill Sonnett 2012-2016
Butch Carey 2014-2017
Henry Caldwell 2016 – present
Matt Wickham 2017-2019
Don Kleier 2019-present
Bryce Tawney 2020-present
John Elder 2020-present

Librarian: Carolyn Corwin 1995-1997
Harvey Garrison 1997-2003
Dominick Damiano 2003-2005
Harvey Garrison 2006-2007
Don Champion 2007-2014
Jonathan Kring 2014-2017
Sid Lehr 2017-2019
David Lehmann  2019 – present
Lending Library: (Now closed)
Merv Bortner 2007-2015
Website Manager: Phil White 1997-2006
Paul Mortenson 2006-2007
Merv Bortner 2007-2015
Brian Funai 2014-Present (Reeltalk Administrator)
Betty Barr 2016-2017
Matt Lollman 2017-2018
Paul Manuel 2018-2019
Matt Wickham 2019-Present