Author: Betty Barr

March 2017 Issue of The Reel News

This issue is one of our biggest at 68 pages.  It features the Marhoff reels, the first “-Henry” reel, the Hypnarowski clear Plexiglas reels (pictured on the cover), Akron Reel Company, Meisselbach ‘Go-Withs’, a riveting story of the acquisition of a lifetime for Jim Schottenham whose good fortune landed a coveted Morgan James reel and

November 2016 Issue of The Reel News

What’s in the November issue of the Reel News? Simple answer: A boatload of great articles, history and photos! This issue features: — The Marhoff Story, about “the world’s greatest reel,” written by Eric F. Jeska and heavily illustrated; — A new member spotlight on Tim Gelinas, entrepreneur and reelmaker; — Alan Hines’ essay on

September 2016 Issue of Reel News

This 40 page gem of a magazine features interesting stories about: 2 failed Rockford Illinois reel manufacturers that made The America Reel and the Hastings reel An unusual Allison reel The illusive Sylvanus Meek A female championship caster and her jacket A mystery reel, and What every collector should do to document their collector and