ORCA National Convention 2014

Guidelines for ORCA San Diego 2014 Antique Tackle Fishing Tournament


  • Rods must be pre-1960.
  • Baitcasting, spinning (open or closed face) or flyreels are allowable.
  • Lures must be pre-1960.
  • Fishing with cut bait is allowed.
  • People are encouraged to bring their own reels (small surf or bay sized conventional and similar sized spinners or flyreels), rods if possible, lures and terminal tackle (sinkers, leaders, hooks) for bait fishing. We will provide bait and have a limited amount of bamboo rods for loan.

Rules of the Event

  • Must be an ORCA member to enter the tournament.
  • Pier fishing from Shelter Island Pier. Although fishing from banks around island which are open to fishing is allowed, we encourage everyone to fish together on the pier.
  • No fishing license is required if fishing from pier. A fishing license is required if you fish elsewhere (i.e. – bank fishing, etc.)
  • Length of the event (number of hours) will be posted in advance.
  • Event will be on the honor system.
  • Tackle Evaluation Committee – made up of Convention Host and/or Tournament Director – available to review/answer questions regarding approved tackle.

Scoring and Prizes

  • Winners will be determined by 1) Fish with longest length; 2) Total length of fish caught; and 3) Most fish caught regardless of length.
  • This is a catch and release tournament. Fish should be returned promptly with minimal handling. Measure fish, take a picture if desired, kiss them and put them back.