Ocean City Big Game Reels2

Ocean City Big Game Reels2

This Page will be devoted to Ocean City Big Game Reels. Reels 6/0 or larger Including all the 600 and 800 series reels.

Ocean City “Orlando” No.106 Reel

Its only fitting to start off the Big Game reel section with the “Orlando”, Ocean City’s 1st big game reel. The first reel in the pictures below has the correct handle knob, the 2nd reel shown has a replaced handle grasp that is an orange Penn knob replacement. The ad is from a 1932 Ocean City catalog. This is a well built sturdy reel.Reel pictures are courtesy of Bud Chaddock and John Elder.

This Orlando – with the only known box that I’m aware of , sold on Ebay June of 2014 , for $855.00. A nice addition to someones collection. Pics below.

Ocean City “Long Key” No.110

The next Big Game reel to come along was the Long Key. Here is the model No 110 and its a 450 YD reel. The ad is from 1935. The Long Key also came in 2 larger sizes, 500 and 600 Yds.