Oops! Sorry for the inconvenience…

Oops! Sorry for the inconvenience…

The page you are trying to view exists but the system did not display it for one of the following possible reasons: 

  • ORCA Store Account not detected or not currently logged in to your Store account.
    • Possible Solution: Create or log into your Store account. There is no cost or membership requirement to set up a store account. The Store Account is different than your Reel Talk login and they are not connected to each other. 
    • If you have a Store Account and forgot your password,  go to the My Account link and click on Forgot Password. 
  • Computer/software compatibility issue (eg iPad is not currently supported in the ORCA Store but we are working on it).
  • If you are still having issues, please contact the webmanager.
  • You want to order a book, shirt or other physical item but don’t want to set up a store account. In that case, please contact the ORCA Secretary.
  • Library download pages are  limited to viewing by current ORCA Members in good standing that have a Store Account that is set up as validated Member account. 
    • If you are a current ORCA Member with a Store Account perhaps the account needs to be manually validated, in which case please contact the webmanager.
    • Note- When someone renews or buys an ORCA Membership using PayPal via a Store account, the ORCA Membership status is automatically validated. 

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