Daiwa 1980’s Reels All Schematics

Daiwa 1980’s Reels All Schematics


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Large File – 193 pages

Daiwa reels 1980’s – schematics, covering models:

RG1000, RG1300, RG1600, RG2600, RG4000,RG4000SC, RG7000, RB1000, RB1300/1600, M10/M13, RG1355, RG1655, RG1350, RG1650, RB700, RS700, MM-II, Mini-Mite, (MM-1), GS-10, GS-13, GS-15, GS-20. GS-30.GS-60, GS-60SC, GS-10X, RS2600, GS-90, GS-13X, GS-15X, GS-20X, GS-30X, GS-60X, BG-10, BG-13, BG-15, BG-20, BG-30, BG-60, BG-60SC, BG-90, Regal D1000, Regal D1300, D1300B, Regal, D1600, Regal D2600, Regal D2600SC, Regal D4000, D4000SC, Regal D7000, J-13/16, PC-13, SS2000, SS3000, SS4000, SS5000, RS1000, RS1300, RS1600, GC80, GC100, GC120,1000X,1300X, 1600X, 2600X, 2600XSC, 4000X, 4000XSC, 7000X, Mini-Spin (MS-1), 1000C, 1300C, 1600C, 2600C, PMF15, PMF10s/15S, PMF53H/55h, PS7, PS-15, PS-53/55, SMF170H, SMF170, SMF250, 500C, Silver 700C, 2600SC, 4000, 4000SC, 7000C, 9000C, A-100X, A-130X, A-160X, A-250X, Apollo SIlver 100X, Apollo Silver 130X, Apollo Silver 160X, Apollo Silver 250X, B-250RL, B-400RL, B-130RL, B-150RL,A-70RL, A-100RL, A-130RL, A-150RL, 403A, 404A, 406A, 407A, A-160RL, A-250RLA-400RL, 100RL, 130RL, 160RL, 250RL, 400RL, 8150HRL, 8350HRL, 8450HRL, 8650HRL, 7150HRL, 7450HRL, 7650HRL, 401A, 402A, Millionaire 3RM, 4HM,4H, 5HM, 6HM,6RM, SM-2,SM-2A, Prolite 150, Prolite 1500, SM-1A, SM-2S, PMF-1000/1500, PS-10, PMF-100/1500, Prolite 100 & 1000, Millionaire 5H,5B/6H/6B, Millionaire5HS/6HS, Procaster Mini-100/1000, Millionaire Mini MM1000/2000, Millionaire3H, Millionaire M3R, 510RL, 508RL, 512RL, 308RL, Goldcast 310RL, Goldcast 312RL, Minicast-Gold (MG-1), Minicast (MC-1), Minicast-2 (MC-2), 206RL, Silvercast 212RL, Silvercast 215RL, Silvercast 217RL, Apollocast 108S, Apollocast 110S, Apollocast 112S, Apollocast 110, Apollocast 112, Apollocast 117S, Apollocast 108, Apollocast 117, 2100B, 2200A, 9300C, M80/M100, US40, US80, PMF7, Silvercast 208BRL, Silvercast 210RL, Mooching reel 175, 275, Fly reel 730, 731A, 732, 734,Sealine 27H, Sealine 30H, Sealine 600H, Sealine 900H, sealine 400H, 400HW, 450H, 450 HW, Sealine 47H, Sealine 910, Sealine 50H, 300H, 300HW, 350H, 350HW, ST2640/4070, ST7070/9070, GS755, GS1055/1355, GS1655/2055, GS750, GS1050/1350, GS1650/2050, GS4050, GS7050, WE1355, AB1050/1350, AB1650/2050, AB2650/4050, J1050, J1350, J1650/2050, PC-16, RB2600, 70X, 400X, J-25, J-40, M10/M13, AG750, S60,GC80/GC100, GC120, M80/M100, US40,US80, PMF7, PT10E/15E, PMF15, PMF10S/15S, PMF53H/55H, PS7, PS-15, PS53/55, PT1-/15, PR1-/15, PR10G/15G, PMA33SL, SA33, SA35, SMF170, SMF250,SLT30, SLT50/ST50W, SLT80/SLT80W, Sealine 30SH,Sealine 610, SL175H, SL250H, 175S, 275B, Sealine 47SH, SLT50/SLT50W, PT10ZX/15ZX, PMA35SL-A,PT10X/15X, HT1000/PMA1000/SP1000, PM10S, Synchromatics, 125M, G120, G100, G80, 80RLX, 208/308RL,AC80/100/AGS88/AC117FT, AG120, AG100/AG80/S10, J4000, J2600, J1650/2050/MJ1650/MJ2050,  J1350,/MJ1350/J1300/1308RL, J1050/MJ1050, AG1655, J-17FT/J12S, AG1355, GG5510, AG1650/2050, MPC 750/AG750A, AG1350, ASA1055/1355/AGS555, RS2650/4050, RS1355, RS1655, 2600, GS1655/2055, WG4050, WG7050, SGA1655/2055/GS900RDA, SGA 1055, 1355/GS800RDA, GS1350, GS1055/1355, GS1055/1355, GS1650, SG375, DC375, Sealine 27SH, Downrigger Reel 47LC, Sealine 20SH, US10G, RS1100, SP33SH, PR733, PMA1500R, MA1000, PMA10G, HT1500FL, HT1000F/1500F, MA10G/15G, MA15LG, MA15L-2B, <A15L-3B, MA10-2B/15-2B, MA10-3B/15-3B, PR35P/PR35SH/PM35SH, PR33P/33SH, PM33P/33SH, TL206, PT33SH, RS100RL, RS80RL, AG80A/100A, AG120A, G120A, G80A/100A, US1350, US1650/2050, TL1650/2050, TL1050/1350, RS1600, RS2000, RS1300,  250X, 70XX, T500X, DS 1350/1650, DF100, AG1350X, AG1650X, AG1650B/2050B, AG1350B, UL13, AG750B, UL7, G1350T/1650T, G1055T, G1355T/1655T, TG2600H, TG1600H, TG700H, TG1300H, WG1655, WG1355, W7000, WG755, W4000, W13UL,ST1375/1675, W1305E, G1055T, AG1350X, AG1650X, G1355T/1655T, G1350T/1650T, TG2600/2600H, TG1300/1300H, TG700H, TG1600/1600H, SS700, DF100, SS1600, SS1300, A1550T, SS2600, GS755T, A1655T, A1355T, GS13UL, GS1355T, AG755B, GS16UL, AG2600B/4000B, AG1355B, AG1655B/2055B, AG9000B, AG7000B, MC2G, AG170,AG1655A/2055A, G80A/100A, AG120A, AG80A/100A, PR33, PT33P, G120A, PR10GL/15GL, PR35, LD30H, PMA10A/15A, PS10G, MA1000, LD50H, RS100, SP33SH, MA10-3B/15-3B, MA10G/15G, PT33p/33H/33SH, 808, 809, 812, 813, 47LC, 858, 859.