Bache Hamilton Brown: The Father of Spin Fishing in America


Trade Paperback 8.5″ x 5.5″, 202 Pages, 70 B&W Illustrations

The product of three years work, the first and only fishing biography of Bache Hamilton Brown, the father of spin fishing in America, is now available! It’s the most detailed history of early spin fishing ever written. The author has been working with Bache’s family to make sure this book is as accurate as possible; it contains dozens of rare family photos never before published.

Bob Halver is retired and lives with his wife Bonnie in Grand Rapid, Minnesota. He has been collecting and researching Airex, Bache H. Brown and Feurer Brothers fishing tackle for nearly a quarter century. They have three children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He is a member of NFLCC and ORCA and enjoys fishing and repairing Airex and Airex/Bache Brown fishing reels.


Bache Hamilton Brown was the father of spin fishing in America, the country’s first importer, manufacturer, and promoter of a style of angling that has become the dominant form of fishing in this country. He was one of the most important people in our country’s fishing history, even if he does not always get the recognition that he deserves.

Here, for the first time, Robert Halver details the life and career of this important figure, from his childhood in Europe and America to his discovery of spin fishing in the 1920s to the formation of the first spin tackle company in the nation’s history to the design and manufacture of the first American spinning reel. He was widely acknowledged as THE spinning expert during his lifetime.

The book is divided into three sections: the first covers his introduction and promotion of spin fishing in America, from 1935-1955. The second contains the detailed history of Bach H. Brown fishing tackle, including the first spinning reels made in America (Bache Brown Luxor), his Airex Equip. Corp. tackle, and finally his Ariex/Div. of Lionel tackle. Finally, there are detailed appendices including his entire 1949 daily fishing diary, some of his writings on spin fishing, detailed biographical information on his family, and a collection of original letters to and from Brown.

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