The History of A.F. Meisselbach Fishing Reels and A.F Meisselbach-Pliny Catucci Fishing Reels.




A new book on the history of A.F. Meisselbach and A.F. Meisselbach-Pliny Catucci fishing reels. This book is an update of Phil White’s previous books on Meisselbach fishing reels with additional new information.  This book has the complete history of August Meisselbach and Pliny Catucci and the many reels they invented and manufactured.  With over 240 pages of information for the collector, the book has over 270 colored pictures, numerous Meisselbach advertisements, patent diagrams, and catalog prints.  The book is a must for Meisselbach collectors and fishing reel collectors in general who are interested in the early history of these important fishing reel inventors.

Book size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches, Soft Cover.
Pages: Book has 240 pages, all are in color.
Price: $59 + Shipping Cost

The proceeds from this book go to support The Old Reel Collectors Assoc., Inc. (ORCA) — so help support a good cause and get a great book in the process! If you are interested in old Meisselbach reels, you’ll love this book.

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