Reel Talk

Reel Talk

This is a discussion page which is made available to the general public. We hope you find this as a place to gather, learn about old reels, perhaps get answers to some serious reel questions, or get the opinions of some veteran collectors.

This is a privately run message board, and all posts are subject to deletion if the moderators find it necessary. Anonymous posts can be removed regardless of the subject. Be forewarned that if these pages become a burden due to outrageous posts, it will be removed from the system.

Reel Talk is provided through the courtesy of ORCA as a public forum to encourage the exchange of information about old reels and collecting them. Reel Talk was opened over a decade ago, and, until recently, there has never been a need to formulate and publish rules of behavior for the forum. The situation has changed, and ORCA now finds it necessary to insist that all users abide by these guidelines:

The use of the term “member” in regards to Reel Talk refers to people who are registered on this Reel Talk forum. Keep in mind that registering for this forum does not automatically register you as a member of the organization, the Old Reel Collectors Association (ORCA). If you wish to join our organization, you must register and pay dues separately to become a member of ORCA and you can do that here


Keep your personal arguments off of the forum – Work it out with Personal Mail. If you have a disagreement and wish to post, state your position, recognize that there is disagreement, and move on. Persistent arguments will be deleted.

Treat others with respect. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Personal attacks or negative personal comments about other members and/or their posted opinions, including sales prices, will be deleted. The moderators will have the final say as to what is appropriate.

In light of recent posts that have been disruptive and confrontational in nature, the following policy is being put into effect. If the moderators determine that posts made by a forum member are inappropriate, that member will receive two warnings, and on the second warning, the member will lose his or her posting privileges for a period of time to be determined by the moderators.

Reinstated members who persist in inappropriate behavior or who defame others will be banned from using the forum completely, based on the ORCA Constitution:

Forum members who have been expelled from ORCA, the organization, will also be banned from participating further in Reel Talk.

Lastly, this forum is offered to the public as a privilege and at no cost but completely and at the sole discretion of ORCA. Please use it wisely or the privilege will be removed. Anyone finding that these rules or moderation of the forum are not acceptable is free to refrain from participating.

Thank you,

ORCA and Reel Talk Moderators

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