2019 – Zebco’s 70th Birthday Bash! – ORCA National Convention, Tulsa, OK

2019 – Zebco’s 70th Birthday Bash! – ORCA National Convention, Tulsa, OK

The convention will take place from May 29th to June 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  ORCA’s 2019 Convention is also a part of Zebco’s 70th anniversary celebration. Zebco has graciously offered to host a number of events for ORCA at their headquarters in Tulsa and to actively participate in the convention. This event will be the first time that ORCA has ever integrated activities with a reel manufacturer and the first time that we have held convention activities at a historic reel design and manufacturing facility.  This show is an NFLCC-sanctioned event.

As we are expecting a large show and a lot of public participation, it will be open to the public for two days (Friday and Saturday), and there will be active room-trading on Wednesday and Thursday evening, prior to the public show.  Wine-and-Reels will take place on Wednesday evening, and a Zebco-hosted lunch and private tours of museum, design, and repair operations will take place at Zebco’s world headquarters on Thursday. 

In the spirit of collaboration, the show is open to current ORCA and NFLCC members.  (Your membership to at least one of these organizations must be active to register.)  Send a completed registration form (in January’s The Reel News, or linked below) and payment to Roger Schulz, ORCA, 160 Shoreline Walk, Alpharetta, GA 30022.  If you have questions about the show, call David Lehmann at 281-757-5054 or Dick Braun at 941-639-8330.

Holiday Inn City Center is the host hotel.  Call 918-585-5898 for room reservations, and make sure you request ORCA’s special reduced room rate of $94/night!

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