Bronson Salt Water Trade Reels

Bronson Salt Water Trade Reels

Because the Bronson Reel Co. was a late entry into the salt water reel market (1933), there were limited “trade” reels produced and branded for sale by other retailers or wholesalers. Included on this page are the few we know of to date. We’d love to hear from anyone who has a Bronson trade reel not represented here.

“Barracuda” by Bronson

The 250 yd. “Barracuda” model was produced for sale through Florida Fishing Tackle, Mfg. Co. Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida. Reel is the same as a Bronson “Viking” No.600. The badge (shown at the top of this page) is attached to the tail plate.

“Mohawk” by Bronson

Another Bronson trade reel very similar to their “Viking” model, with the Indian “badge” on the tail plate. No idea who distributed these 250-yard models, but we do know they’re pre-war.

Montague “Cruiser” by Bronson

The “Cruiser” model was supplied by Bronson to the Montague Rod & Reel Co., from around 1933-1935. It was a 250 yd. reel that was basically identical to the No.700 “Buccaneer” from Bronson’s regular lineup. These are a tough trade reel to find

Montague “Sunbeam” by Bronson

Description and photos are forthcoming.

“Silver Diamond” by Bronson

These 250 yd. “trade” models were built by Bronson in 1934 and were sold by New York Hardware Trading Co., Los Angeles, CA. Reel is the same as the German silver “take-apart” Bronson Sea Wolf No.400, their highest-grade. This one is stamped “BRONSON REEL CO.” under the foot. These are extremely hard to find. A nice example can be seen below.