July 2019 Reel News is in the Mail!

July 2019 Reel News is in the Mail!

The July 2019 Reel News discusses Dickens to Zebco and a whole lot more in between.  This is the next great edition on its way to you. Enjoy!

The cover shows off one of the limited edition 70th Anniversary Zebco Model 33 reels presented to each ORCA member that attended the ORCA National Convention in Tulsa. (I am glad to see what the reel looks like because I didn’t want to break the seal on my special commemorative box). Several articles discuss ORCA’s very successful convention and are a tribute to our fabulous hosts at Zebco as well as the convention organizers.

Outgoing ORCA president David Lehmann introduces your ORCA president-elect Ron Gast and vice president-elect Matt Wickham, whose terms will begin on July 1, 2019. ORCA’s recent growth and achievements are discussed and the newest ORCA member benefits are announced.

Check out the list of new ORCA members and Life members added since the last issue (make a copy of those pages and keep it with your membership directory).

The Reel Old Murder Mystery by Steve Vernon has bloody fingerprints all over it… er, uhm and a reel patent of course.  Roger Schulz continues his findings on Meisselbach reels used for surf fishing.  Dr. Todd E.A. Larson’s latest Reels of the Trade article is entitled the Fishing Reels of Thompson’s of Chester, Pennsylvania.

An article by Paul Manuel on the obscure “Ryder’s” Registered Central Balance Reel threads connections between famous 19th century English reel makers Ryder, Haywood and Hardy and leads to instructions on how to decipher design-registration “kite marks” found on some early English reels and other antiques.

The latest in the CFSR World series by David Lehmann covers Shakespeare and South Bend’s early years. Beyond the more than 600 reels auctioned at the ORCA Convention, Richard Lodge still managed to come up with 3 pages of really interesting reel auction results, thanks to ORCA members that routinely keep an eye on these things for Richard.

The July 2019 Reel News contains a tribute to the late Steve Lumpkin, former ORCA president.

Paul Manuel