Teaser – January 2015 Reel News – ORCA Online

Teaser – January 2015 Reel News – ORCA Online

Reel News Jan 2015

Once you thumb through the January 2015 issue of the Reel News, you’ll agree with Mike N. that this is one of the most outstanding issues of our club news magazine:

“Having published the very first issue of the Reel News some 25 years ago, I feel safe in saying that the January 2015 issue may well be the most comprehensively-researched and interesting issue ever.

The articles by Dr. Larson are really first-rate. The Talbot article by Randy Anderson, the technical article by Steve Vernon, along with the other contributions by Willis Logan, Phil White, Bob Miller, Ben Wright, and Charles Tanner, as well as the columns and photographs by John Elder, Jonathan Kring and Sergio Di Marco were excellent.

Congratulations to Editor Richard Lodge on a job very well done.

Mike N.”

Brian F.