Teaser – May 2015 Reel News – ORCA Online

Teaser – May 2015 Reel News – ORCA Online

May 2015 cover

Editor Richard Lodge has done another wonderful job of putting together the Reel News for ORCA members. If you have not yet received a copy, it should be on its way.

Thank you to everyone that contributed, including: Jim Madden – A Breakthrough on the South Bend #1131A, Mystery reel of 1913; Wayne Benson – The Auctioneer’s Corner; Dr. Todd E.A. Larson – The Douglass & Talbot Expert Reels of Indianapolis; Betty Barr – B.C. Milam: The ‘Reel’ Story, A Family History from the Archives of His descendants; Bob Miller – Game Wardens, An Essay; Butch Carey – Fishing in Hemingway’s Key West; Ben Writght – The Spinning Reel Report and The Staro Spinning Reel, Older Than You Thought; Mike Cacioppo – an Ocean City Mfg. Company Story: Part II.

If you have not already registered and made plans to attend, don’t forget to check the last issue for details and a registration form for the upcoming 2015 ORCA National in Florida.

Last is President John Elder’s outgoing message. ORCA has had the great fortune of benefiting from John’s hard work over the past four years. He rallied everyone, including directors, members and non-members alike, to work together to make some tough but meaningful strides in ORCA’s growth. Due to his passion for the hobby and the club, we are headed off into a very promising future for the organization. Thank you to outgoing President John Elder and VP Bill Muth!


Brian F.