Marhoff Appendix E – Photo Notes of selected features

Marhoff Appendix E – Photo Notes of selected features

Appendix E: Marhoff Picture Notes of selected features – Len Sawisch 5-7-2018


Pawls and Mounting Variations

    Bottom loading pawl variations:


   Front loading pawl variation parts:


Comparison of Marhoff reels with front-loading pawls




Marhoff End Caps



End Cap Description Year/Model
MRC Full coining, smooth top 1907
MRC/SMP MRC w/ SMP threading 1908
SMP-J Jeweled 1909
M Mushroom 1909
DC-J Double coined jeweled dome cap (no clips) 1909
CM Clips, Mushroom, Jeweled 1912
FCR Clips, Fish eye, Red jewel 1914
FCW Clips, Fish eye, White jewel 1914
D Double cap, Red jewel 1918
D-2 Double coined edge 1937
D2OP Two oil ports 1939


1919 Marhoff Experiment?


In the first 1919 Model Marhoff, Shakespeare introduced the idea of eliminating the post or spindle used to support the main drive gear, and simply use the drive gear collar on the head plate cover for support. This required adding a brass bushing inside the collar, lengthening the collar, lengthening the drive gear shaft by inserting a steel mounting pin with a threaded end for the handle nut, and adding an oil port on the collar. This type of drive gear mounting had (and has) been used extensively on lower end model reels by many companies. It had a short life with Shakespeare. Around this same time, South Bend was offering the 1131-B reel with the same type drive gear mounting. Shakespeare, during this same time, was manufacturing all South Bend’s reels. Neither company formally advertised these reels, and in both companies, the models were short-lived.

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