Index of Reel Makers: A – L

Index of Reel Makers: A – L





This page lists reel maker names alphabetically, along with a brief history and a few pictures of the different reels they made. We are always looking to add information and pictures. Contact the ORCA Webmaster if you have something to add.



This Swedish Company is the manufacturer of the famous Record and Ambassadeur casting reels, the Cardinal Spinning reels and much other tackle. ABU was founded in Svangsta, Sweden, at the Mörrum River in 1921. Initially a watch factory, the company’s expertise was redirected toward the development of precision fishing reels in the late 1930s by the  founder’s son, Göte Borgstrom. The generation of world famous Ambassadeur reels got its start in the early 50’s. The Cardinal spinning reel was introduced in 1965.


ABU Garcia -the company came out with a movie about its history on July,10 2013.  Here is a link to check out a lot of ABU information


AIREX  in 1947 Airex was the first U.S. Company to develop into the manufacture of the “new” fixed spool, or spinning, reels. The initial force behind spinning reels in the U.S. was famous sportsman Bache Brown, who had been importing fixed spool reels from Europe in the 1930s. The first spinning reel manufactured in this country was an American version of the French Luxor, which evolved into the Bache Brown Mastereel in 1947. In the late 1940s, Airex was purchased by the famous toy train manufacturer, the Lionel Corporation, of Long Island City, NY and they were soon the major manufacturer of spinning reels in the U.S. As competition became more intense in the U.S. sales of Airex reels declined. In 1964 the company was sold to Fuerer Bros. Of White Plains, NY. Photo Courtesy of Lang’s Auction.
Airex Vic Reel




AEROCAST PRODUCTS (Chicago) maker of Aerocast reels which are tri-knobbed reels with red plastic side plates. The July 2018 issue of the Reel News features an article on these reels written by Colby Sorrells (pages 17-18). (Photos courtesy of Colby Sorrells)