Fishing Reels of South Bend by Jim Madden – An ORCA Benefit Book

Fishing Reels of South Bend by Jim Madden – An ORCA Benefit Book


Dr. Todd Larson brings us good news!

YES I AM EXCITED! I love South Bend reels as they are the largest trade reel program in history, and dang, if this isn’t the coolest book ever! So many thanks to Jim for allowing us to produce this, and of course, royalties go to ORCA.

Jim Madden has been researching and writing about South Bend fishing reels for over a quarter of a century. Here for the first time, the complete collection of his writings on South Bend reels from ORCA’s Reel News magazine are available in one volume. Published over the course of over fifteen years as part of his on-going “South Bend Bits” column, in these detailed articles Madden writes on everything from South Bend’s first reels to their fly reels to saltwater reels to oddities like left handed reels and popular South Bend “go-withs.” Includes all of Jim Madden’s (over thirty) articles published in The Reel News, as well as an appendix containing popular South Bend reel postings the author made on ORCA’s Reel Talk on-line forum. This book is a must for anyone interested in the history of the South Bend Bait Company and in their Shakespeare-made South Bend fishing reels!

The books are available in the usual Whitefish Press high quality softcover for $29.95 (on special now for $24.95). In addition, there were only 50 limited edition hard cover copies printed and only a few left so get yours today for $79.95 (on special for $74.95).

You can purchase your hard and/or softcover copies at the ORCA Store

Brian F.