List Your eBay Items to Benefit ORCA as a Charity

List Your eBay Items to Benefit ORCA as a Charity

You can designate a portion of your sales at eBay as a donation to ORCA.

ORCA has registered with eBay as a qualified non-profit organization to receive donations via eBay listings (auctions, etc.). This was done through the help of member Dave Lucas, and now under the direction of Scott Truex, who also runs the ORCA eBay site and  our donated reels, ORCA memberships and the ORCA Restoration and reel history books.

If you want to sell to benefit ORCA, start your listing through the “eBay for Charity” page. This will provide the option of selecting ORCA as a charity. The regular “sell your item” page will not offer the option to benefit a charity. Ebay’s “Selling to benefit non-profit organizations” says that “not all listing forms support selling for charity” so it’s best to start at “eBay for Charity”.

ORCA Charity

Under “Start selling for charity”, 1. start by searching for and selecting “Old Reel Collectors Association” as the designated non-profit for your listing, 2. designate how much of the sale you want to donate and 3. create your listing. When you create your listing, it will be exactly like the normal process except that you will see that ORCA has been selected as your benefit charity in the “Choose a Format and Price” section.

Brian F.